Welcome Letter

This has been a long time coming. Perhaps, long overdue even.  After countless years as a photo hobbyist turned semi-professional, and years of being supported by my wife, family, and friends with words of encouragement that I should pursue this professionally, here I am [finally].  The thought of doing this professionally has always attracted me more so recently, but it's always been a scary feeling venturing out into the unknown; not knowing if I'll be successful in this.

I have seen and know so many people before me who have ventured into their own respective businesses and have inspired me through their hard work and dedication to their craft.  The reality of failure is natural and a part of life, but I'll never really know if I can achieve my ambition, my dreams, and success if I don't try.  A good friend told me to just accept my fate, that this is my destiny.  And so, this is me accepting who I'm supposed to be.  Here I go, world. 

It's now or never.