April + Aldrin

April and Aldrin (Aa) are two good friends of mine, and when they had asked me if I would be interested in doing their engagement photos, this was a no-brainer for me.  April is one of the sweetest people you'll meet and Aa is just fun to be around.  Together, you're guaranteed to have a great time.  They're good company; good people.  So of course I would love to do this or them.

Since they live in Jersey City, Liberty State Park was an obvious pick.  I had just done a shoot there a few weekends ago, being a big critic of my own work, my concern was accidentally taking the same picture twice and ending up with recycled material.  But with the park being as big as it is, we were able to venture to another part of the park that was new to me.  After the park, we headed over to this beautiful mural located on the corner of 13th Street and Monmouth Street (in Jersey City).

Here are a few favorites from our session.

April and Aldrin will be getting married in Cancun May 2017, and we all can't wait to celebrate your big day.  Thank you for letting me play a small part in your journey together.  Congratulations and I wish you both nothing but the best in love and happiness together. Happy Wedding Planning!

In the meantime, if you haven't done so already, I invite you to check out their Save the Date video, filmed by our talented friend, Tim of Carlo Timothy Films.

Heena + Jalpesh (plus one!)

Heena is an old friend from high school whom I was able to reconnect with, thanks to Facebook. Last July, she reached out to see if I was interested in doing her and her husband's maternity shoot, as they are expecting their first child in November.  So many thoughts and feelings came into mind.  Being asked to cover such a major milestone in someone's life is first and foremost an honor.  To be honest, I have never done a maternity session before, so I was feeling a bit nervous about the whole process.  I thought to myself, "Well, it can't be that much different to an engagement session." and I've done plenty of those throughout the years, so this really shouldn't be too different. Right? Right! So of course, I accepted. Otherwise, I wouldn't be writing about this. :P

We kept in touch through the next couple of months, sending each other different ideas.  Heena was definitely prepared with what type of shots and poses she wanted, which helped make it easier during the day of the shoot. We are both originally from Jersey City so Liberty State Park was a natural pick.  We however had to postpone the original day for the shoot due to bad weather unfortunately, but on the day we did shoot, there was not one cloud in the sky to stop us.  And for October autumn day, it was still warm enough to be outside for a few hours.

The one thing I enjoy most other than taking photos is getting to know the people.  I think it's an important part of the entire process because it gives more meaning to the work.  Heena i

Heena met Jalpesh years later after high school so this was my first time meeting him.  And in the short amount of time we were all together, I could tell he was a good guy; outgoing and fun to be around.  But throughout the whole morning, I could see the love these two have for each other.  And simply for that reason, I know they'll be great parents, who will love and nourish their first child unconditionally.

Best wishes, Heena & Jalpesh!

Welcome Letter

This has been a long time coming. Perhaps, long overdue even.  After countless years as a photo hobbyist turned semi-professional, and years of being supported by my wife, family, and friends with words of encouragement that I should pursue this professionally, here I am [finally].  The thought of doing this professionally has always attracted me more so recently, but it's always been a scary feeling venturing out into the unknown; not knowing if I'll be successful in this.

I have seen and know so many people before me who have ventured into their own respective businesses and have inspired me through their hard work and dedication to their craft.  The reality of failure is natural and a part of life, but I'll never really know if I can achieve my ambition, my dreams, and success if I don't try.  A good friend told me to just accept my fate, that this is my destiny.  And so, this is me accepting who I'm supposed to be.  Here I go, world. 

It's now or never.